SRI ANGANAYAKI samedha SRI ABHAYESHWARAR is a shiva temple consecrated in SHAMBAVI PEETAM. The consecration is done by His Holiness Sri Sai Aascharyanandha, the present head of the peetam

The temple is consecrated on the basis of tantra agamas of SRI VIDHYA SADHANA. The unique point is that the lord shiva is seated on the SRI CHAKRA on the main shrine hence the linga roopam is SHIVA-SHAKTHI swaroopam. The temple is consecrated after atleast a 108 YAGYAMS in shambavi peetam hence swamy is also yagyeshwarar. Devi resides as the seat of lingam hence the name ANGANAYAKI meaning residing in the body of lord shiva. The main ritual here is RUDRA abhishekam, LALITHA TRISHATI archanai and SHAKTHI PANCHAKSHARI MOOLA MANTRA. The kshetra paalakan here is “VASUKI”,the temple with sarpa kshetrapaalaka.



The consecration of temple in tantra agama makes this a powerful sthabana.

As shiva and shakthi here is one people with marraige difficulties, marraige issues, problems within family can be sorted out.

This temple has sarpa kshetrapalaka hence minimizing naga dhosha, for smooth pregnancy can be prayed.

The swamy here is called as SRI ABHAYESHWARAR meaning one who grants boons, hence people participating on the rituals with any prayers will come true by the grace of Lord Shiva.