sai aascharyanandha sri vidya upasana


Peetathipathi, Shambavi Peetam

Shambavi is an holistic mentor, author and adept master in sri vidhya sadhana. After the demise of Sri Sai Pushyanandha, Sri Shambavi continues the mission and vision of the lineage. People can meet guruji on appointment basis. They can recieve solution on their ongoing problems, long haunting fears or to gain clairvoyance on life. Guruji has mentored various people to improve themselves, come out of negativity and have improved their standard of life. Many leaders from various sectors have sought guruji to find a way to evolve themselves. Various people with stress, depression have sought guruji and improved their mental health therefore improving their personal and professional lives.

Guruji conducts various yagyams and yantra poojas based on vedas and sri vidhya tantra for the welfare of the society. People participate and contribute to the rituals for holistic development of their life.

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