About Us


Shambavi is an holistic mentor, author and adept master in sri vidhya sadhana. After the demise of Sri Sai Pushyanandha, Sri Shambavi continues the mission and vision of the lineage. Guruji is a multi-faceted person with interest in music, art and have authored number of books and poetry works His art works are available as NFT. People can meet guruji by appointment basis. There is no discrimination on who should meet guruji. Guruji leads the peetam for more than 12 years, after recieving complete learning on the intricate and aesthetics of SRI VIDHYA SADHANA, upanishad and shounaka atharvana veda. Guruji has mentored people of various backgrounds to come out of their negativity and achieve success in their life.


Tantralayam follows authentic sri vidhya sadhana of bhu prasthara and meru prasthara combined. Tantralayam follows guru-sishya method of imparting knowledge. Guru parampara of the peetam have mentored various people regardless of any discrimination. Present guru Shambavi conducts various prayoga yagyams and yantra pooja to solve the problems and for holistic development of the people. Shakthi path is the prime method in Shambavi Peetam, in this way a master illuminates the disciple through initiation and by practicing the initiated seed syllable or a ritual one can attain betterment in life. People seek guruji for solution to their ongoing problems, to come out of negativity and holistic betterment in life.