Margazhi Arda Utsavam

“ MARGAZHI ARDRA UTSAVAM” is scheduled to happen on 26th dec – 28th dec. From 8am to 1 pm !


This is a 3 day ritual from the Excerpts of Shukla yajur veda !! Month of margazhi marks as the brahma muhurtha in celestial timeline, hence margazhi Ardra abhishekam is done as the first kaala pooja or morning kaala pooja.

Dwaja aarohanam or flag post with yantra consecration is done on first day

Ekadasa rudra abhishekam is done on the second day

Shakthi panchakshari yagyam is done on the third day !!!


As said above this ritual is the morning pooja in celestial time, so there are numerous benefits. Obstacles in marraige will subside, peace of mind and harmony in family, surya and guru dosha in horoscope will minimize, better financial status are few benefits!!

I invite you all for the same, do participate and contribute as possible !!

Here are the excerpts of the event