SRI MAHARNAVA KRAMA pooja will be performed to SRI MERU, every month on following days;

Waxing moon days ( வளர் பிறை நாட்கள் ) : PANCHAMI, DHASHAMI.

Waning moon days ( தேய் பிறை நாட்கள் ) : ASHTAMI, NAVAMI.

FULL MOON DAY AND NO MOON DAY ( பௌர்ணமி, அம்மாவாசை )

SRI MAHARNAVA KRAMA will be performed on above days every month evening from 7pm to 9pm.

BENEFITS : Sri maha aarnava krama is culled from lalithopakyanam and devi damara tantra. Participating and contributing in this krama can bestow child, good education to students, obstacle in marraiges, shukra dhosha in horoscope. Attending on ashtami and navami gives success over enimies and solving debts, removes negativity from house, success in legal matters.
Attending on panchami and dasami gives prosperity in business, betterment in work environment, buying house & car, peace of mind.

I invite you all for the same. Do participate and contribute as possible.


Here are the excerpts of the event