This is to inform you all, “SRI MANGALA CHANDIKA PRAYOGA YAGYAM” is scheduled on 22nd april on saturday.

About the yagyam

This yagyam is culled from devi bhagavata purana and vana durga upanishad. The main invocation is sri mangala chandika devi a form of durga. As the name says she bestows auspicious to all.


The main invocation is for goddess vana durga and mangala chandika. Praying to devi through this yagyam can give clarity and perseverance about next step in life. Success in ventures we undertake. Unwanted issues and disturbances in life will be removed. Remedy for Sleeplessness and negative thoughts. Graha dhoshas pertaining to lord mars and rahu is minimized !!

Do participate and contribute as possible!!