Understanding “Knowledge” !

by | Jun 24, 2021

For a long time, it has always been on debate whether money or knowledge is superior amongst them. The race never seems to end by the course of time, if money prevails, knowledge proves its worth. If knowledge prevails money proves its power. This is the case for many centuries. Even though practically everything seems to be equally important and has its own dominance, if we look closer one among them wins.

Lets view this whole concept with what has happened in the past. From the start of evolution, from primitive to today who we are, this very transition is initiated and fuelled by the very habit of reasoning. All the present day developments and who we are comes from the action of reasoning and desires. These aspects are more internal and a psychological element. Only after we enough analyse and attracted to something, we start to explore the means to achieve it and then comes the whole economic part. This very nature of understanding and desiring to enhance ourselves becomes the fundamental phenomenon of why we need money and resource. In simple words, if we are not exposed, we dont try to visualise or try to achieve something.

A visualising or any sensory understanding is interpreted by us as a form of data and then the decision is made, this whole thing can be taken as knowledge having a dominance on money. Practically to view the above in modern life, basic education and a good exposure to many modern things makes us competitive. This competitiveness earns money and a financial status in life. This very process of spending the money on knowledge is also due to our understanding that,“knowledge is important”, otherwise why would we spend a fortune in education and knowing things. So without doubt knowledge has a dominance, thats the sole reason why “knowledge is power”. Knowledge is power not because it is going to give you a position but makes you a better person to really want for a position. This doesnt mean money is not dominant but the point is its not powerful enough to over throw knowledge.