“SRI SKANDHA KRAMA” ritual will happen on every Thursday’s morning !!


This ritual is culled from kumara tantra and skandha purana. Kantham means fragrance, kanthotsavam is a ritual of fragrance. In this ritual Lord Shanmuga with his consorts Sri Valli and Sri Dheivanai will accept poojas on various fragrant material like javvadhu,sandal, saffron and the archana will be done with different fragrent flowers.


Thursday is also called as guru vasaram hence any problem in jupiter planet is highly minimized, guru dhosha, guru neecham or bad effects are reduced, as lord skandha is also influences mars, sevvai dhosham and marital issues will have a relief, financial development, skin and mental ailments gets solved !!

This will be a regular ritual on all Thursday mornings

As already “MAHARNAVA KRAMA” for meru will happen 6 days in a month!! These two rituals will become a scheduled one permanently !!!

I invite you all for the same. Do participate and contribute as possible !!!